How to check EPF claim status Employees Provident Fund

Just as indicated earlier, the Employees Provident Fund Organization has made things very easy for its members. No matter the kind of services you need from them, you don’t have to visit their offices. All you need to know is visit their official website and with the right information, you will be able to access all the information you need.

Before you start on the procedure, ensure you have all the important details at hand as this will make things easier for you. At the same time, it is important to ensure you have adequate internet that will not keep on failing you. One of the most important things you need to have in place is the Universal Account Number as it is part of the procedure.

EPF Claim Status Procedure

Below is a step by step procedure of checking your Employees Provident Fund EPF claim status.

  • The first step is visiting the Employees Provident Funds Organization portal and click on the services. There is a drop-down with different options. Choose the employees option.
  • Once you have on the employees option, there are different options that will be provided. Choose the “Know Your Claim Status” option before moving to the next step.
  • The third stage, involves filling in a few details which include your Universal Account Number. Once filled-in, you will also be expected to fill in the Captcha provided as a way of proving you are not a robot. This marks the end of the third procedure.
  • The fourth step which can also be referred to the second last step and it involves entering a few more details as requested by the site. The details needed are:
    • The state of your Provident Funds.
    • There will be a drop down provided where you can choose the PF office from.
    • This is followed by entering your establishment code.
    • The last detail needed in this category is entering your Provident Fund Account Number.
  • This marks the end of the whole process. Ensure you have filled-in all the necessary details before clicking the submit button as this is the last step. If all the details are filled as they should, you will receive a notification from the Employees Provident Fund Organization.

Employees Provident Funds Organization for your benefit as the claimant provides an option of receiving an SMS alert in the mobile number linked to the claimant’s account during registration. The following is however not sent to the claimant every time but in case of these two cases given below, you will receive the SMS.

  • On receipt of claim application.
  • When there has been a transfer of funds to your bank account as the claimant.

It is however, very important to understand that there can be income tax implication when withdrawing your Providence Fund but it is only on a number of scenarios. This information will however, be communicated in details to you in case of such a scenario.

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  1. Finally, PF claim status can also be checked through SMS. To avail this facility, the employee must have an UAN and be registered on the Unified Portal.

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